GuideStar's Nonprofit Profile Pages

Product Development, User Experience, Responsive Design, and Visual Design


Redesigning Nonprofit Profiles

San Francisco, CA

One of the greatest challenges for the nonprofit sector is our struggle to clearly compare the activities and performance of diverse organizations. Historically, nonprofit leaders have struggled to benchmark their organizations, and donors used simplistic metrics—like overhead ratios—to judge performance. We wanted to redesign the nonprofit profile to offer a clearer view.

In early 2016, we launched the completely redesigned and rearchitected GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles. We started this redesign process by asking nonprofits, donors, and ourselves one question: what matters most when sharing a nonprofit’s story? Moreover, how could we refresh the user experience and under-the-hood performance to deliver a top-notch experience on modern devices?

Our new, responsive pages help answer these question in a big way. Our reorganized profiles offer a clearer view of each nonprofit organization. We begin with a summary and then group information into three categories: (1) Programs and Results, (2) Operations, and (3) Finances. This structure ensures that decision makers get the most important information about nonprofits quickly and easily, and focus on information that matters most... and simple financial metrics will no longer be the primary focus when telling a nonprofit's full story.

Furthermore, the new profiles share information over the entire lifespan of an organization. Users can now see organizational growth, revenue, expenditures, and funding in a historical context. Interactive graphs highlight patterns and differences from one year to the next, showing as many as 15 years of data.

We are currently working on the next iteration of the pages, refactoring the code to be more modular, improving accessibility, and streamlining the design.

Answering Key Nonprofit Performance Questions

Different organizations have wildly different data, both in terms of what fields are available for display, and the form of that information.

Behind the scenes

The following show some scenes from during the early design and development process in 2015-2016.